Why You Should Never Overlook a Cracked or Chipped Windscreen

Few things in life are more annoying than a cracked car windscreen. You may have been driving along minding your own business, only for a passing lorry to throw up a large stone that has caused a star-shaped pattern in the middle of the glass. If you are already busy, you simply don't want to deal with any more distractions and may be tempted to leave it as is, but what might happen if you do so? Read More 

Why Summer Is A Good Reminder That Car Window Tinting Is A Necessity In Australia

Australia is a unique country in many ways, but perhaps none is more obvious than the extreme heat that comes along with the summer months. Not only does it get hotter, but the dangerous UV rays that the sun gives off are far more present in Australia than Europe during its summer, with estimates suggesting that Australians get 15% more exposure to UV rays due to environmental conditions. That is no small amount and indicates just how unique this season is in Australia, which further enforces why getting your windows tinted in your car is so vital. Read More 

What to Consider When Selecting Window Tint for Your Car

Whether for style, function, or both, car window tint installation is an investment that can pay off handsomely if done correctly. Choosing the correct tint for the windows of your car is the first step in ensuring quality window tint installation. With the wide variety of automotive window tinting products available on the market, making the right choice can be rather confusing, especially if it's your first time getting window tint installed on your car. Read More 

3 Emergent Trends in Windscreen Manufacturing

Over the years, the designs used to create windscreens have evolved significantly. Modern windscreen designs now include important safety features that help keep drivers safe while on the road. From using glass that doesn't shatter to increasing durability, windscreens are one of the most exciting parts of your vehicle in terms of innovation. Moving forward, you can expect even more advancements in windscreen manufacturing. Here are 3 emergent trends that are being used by manufacturers to make your windscreen more functional and easier to repair: Read More 

Windscreen Pitting: How Does It Happen and What Can You Do About It?

When your vehicle's windscreen is intact, it is easy to take it for granted.  That's why it can be so frustrating when you are driving along the road, and the sun rays shine on parts of the glass. Whether this happens for just a second or minute, it can blind you and prevent you from focusing on the traffic ahead. If you have experienced this problem or noticed glares and specks on some parts of the windscreen when the sun hits it, you could be dealing with windshield pitting. Read More