3 Emergent Trends in Windscreen Manufacturing

Over the years, the designs used to create windscreens have evolved significantly. Modern windscreen designs now include important safety features that help keep drivers safe while on the road. From using glass that doesn't shatter to increasing durability, windscreens are one of the most exciting parts of your vehicle in terms of innovation.

Moving forward, you can expect even more advancements in windscreen manufacturing. Here are 3 emergent trends that are being used by manufacturers to make your windscreen more functional and easier to repair:

1. Windscreens with augmented reality features

Manufacturers are looking for ways of making the large, open glass surface of windscreens more functional. In line with this goal, driver assistance systems are being incorporated into the windscreen using augmented reality.

How does this work? Important information such as speed, acceleration and fuel levels can be projected onto the windscreen using virtual graphics. As you drive down the road, you'll be able to see such information on your windscreen while still maintaining a clear view of the road. Taking advantage of the windscreen will reduce the amount of overcrowding that happens on vehicle dashboards. You will also be able to identify exactly which information should be displayed on your windscreen via augmented reality.

2. Self-healing windscreens

Another exciting trend regarding windscreen design is the use of self-healing materials for windscreen repairs. You may have heard of self-healing technology from the construction industry, where they use self-healing concrete to address the problem of chips and cracks. Cracked windscreens are a common concern for motorists, as they can become worse over time and cost a lot more to fix.

Manufacturers are addressing this problem by designing glass that can heal from small cracks and chips. What's the secret? Using living spores mixed with water capsules, glass particles can be infused with self-healing properties. This means that when the windscreen cracks, the water capsule will break open, mix with water, and form a material that can cover up the cracked glass surface.

While this solution will only work for small chips and cracks during the initial stages, the potential for future usability is huge. 

3. More advanced safety features in windscreen glass

Safety continues to be a top concern for any motorist. Similarly, manufacturers are looking for more ways of making the windscreen an essential safety feature in vehicles. One approach being explored is using gorilla glass to design windscreens.

Now primarily used in smartphones, gorilla glass is a multi-layered, strong and durable glass that doesn't easily shatter. It is also incredibly light, meaning that heavy weights or air resistance won't bog down your vehicle. Gorilla glass will prove to be a much more useful material for your windscreen than tempered or laminated glass.